Our Focus

For five years, Banin Association has worked to support families and individuals in need throughout Lebanon. Regardless of their religious or political affiliations, Banin works with vulnerable people in order to make their lives better.
Through aid, loans, grants, medical assistance and educational programs, Banin reaches out to those most in need. At present, Banin serves over 1,400 families, helping them to lead productive and sustainable lives.
Our work takes places with the help of partners in the private sector, donors, and private citizens who are committed to making Lebanon a better place for all. We are committed to advancing creativity, excellence, gender equality, sustainability, and high standards of governance in all our core areas of intervention.


Banin Association's programs aim to create an environment in which the Lebanese can flourish and contribute to sustainable development within the country. In order to provide a positive environment, Banin focuses on three core pillars:

1. Ensuring access to essential medical services through a Patient Sponsorship Program and Critical Health Endowment.
2. Investment in human capital through the We Educate Program and Empowerment Funding.
3. Ensuring access to quality social services through a variety of community development programs.
Banin works with a wide range of organizations and together we impact the lives of 7,000 Lebanese on a yearly basis through the following programs: