Save a Life

Critical Medical Endowment

Banin Charity Association has created a trust fund for severe medical cases to be treated outside Lebanon. Special cases needing high cost medical treatments among families that are unable to afford the cost of medical care are supported by Critical Medical Endowment.

Banin sponsors such cases and runs fund raising campaigns through our network of supporters, our social media platforms, our international relationships and Our Joint Collaborations with the most renowned TV Strategic Partners .


List of Critical Medical Cases:

  • 2019:  Kamar Mawas, Kidney Transplant, Turkey $135,000
  • 2019:  Radwan Haidar, Intensive Rehabilitation due to Brain Damage, Turkey $26,000
  • 2019:  Ahmad Dalbani, Heart Transplant, Italy $230,000
  • 2019:  Serly & Gael Boghossian, Cochlear Implant & Hearing Aids ,Lebanon, $13,000 
  • 2019:  Fatmeh Mcheik , Kidney & Liver Transplant . Turkey,$240,000
  • 2019: Marleine Dreij . Bone Marrow Transplant . Lebanon $60,000 


Total assistance for 2019

6 Patients