Patient Sponsorship

Banin Charity Association places a great emphasis on and interest in medical services, and provides health assistance, medicine, consultations and treatments through charitable clinics. 

 The Association believes that the medical sector is under supported by the government and is determined to develop the medical sector in Lebanon by:

  1. Surgeries: The Association has helped to cover the costs of a large number of surgical operations, including expensive procedures in a large number of hospitals across Lebanon. These operations have included: Bone marrow transplant, kidney transplant, and chemical treatments for cancer.
  2. Laboratory tests and X-rays: The Association also covers the costs of laboratory tests and X-rays for registered patients.
  3. Medicine and treatments: The Association provides a wide range of medicines for 300 families on a monthly basis. Banin has signed contracts with over 200 doctors which contribute to paying the cost of medical consultations.


All payments to healthcare institutions, laboratories and healthcare services are paid directly to the service provides via a bank check ordered to the first beneficiary.

Total assistance in 2019

375 Patients