The 10452 Campaign is an annual campaign directed to spread assistance across the whole Geographical territory of Lebanon regardless of Political , religious or territorial differentiation.

This year is a very special year , as April is bringing together 2 holy occasions , Easter & Ramadan, thus the introduction of our Slogan under 10452 Campaign , “ Nisen byijma3 kil Libnen” And “Lah ni2soum l Li2me bil noss”.

Taking this into consideration , Banin Charity in the collaboration Carrefour Lebanon is distributing coupons to 5000 families within the vicinity around Carrefour Branches , each worth 500,000LL and delivering food boxes to the outskirts where Carrefour branches are unavailable .

Your generous donations are desperately needed to be able to reach our Goal : Feeding 10452 families during this beautiful Month , where all bias and Prejudice are put aside and ALL Lebanese are brought together under one Umbrella , HUMANITY .

Any contribution , can put food on the table for a family fasting throughout LENT & Ramadan this April. Donate Now and Bring Joy to this Holy season

For Other methods of Payment See below details :

· Call on one of the 2 numbers : +96176500084 /+96176500083

· Visit any Branch of Whish Money and Donate to : BAnin Charity Association under Reference nb : 10452

· Pay Via any Branch of First National Bank - Banin Charity Association Account via Below details

Account name: Banin Charity Association.


IBAN NUMBER USD Fresh: LB50 0108 0000 0000 0122 8453 4002
Pay Via any Branch of Finance Bank SAL

Account Name: Banin Charity Association


IBAN NUMBER USD FRESH :LB85 0043 0000 1024 6683 2588 4001
IBAN NUMBER LBP :LB05 0043 0000 1014 6683 2588 4001
IBAN NUMBER EURO :LB13 0043 0000 1694 6683 2588 4001

Donate Online: https://whish.money/pay/rO9smqi