Mohamad El Rajeh

Mohamad El Rajeh

The people of Lebanon have one cry & that is for every Lebanese to have basic necessities that every Human is entitled to have . Be it be compulsory Health coverage , An education for every Child or a respectable Pension plan that preserves the dignity of our elderly.

Where the government is unable to intervene , Banin Charity organization steps in to fill in the gaps & has on numerous occasions made dreams come true for so many hopeless cases . Instant fund raising campaigns were instigated & Money was raised to cover both Medical , Travel & other expenses for many critical cases .

Mohamad suffers from Severe Brain Damage.

This case is heartbreaking , nonetheless , we can help to ease his pain.

Let’s try to help him live a life that any child deserves . Let’s see him grow & play like any child should.

Your help is what we need . Any small gesture would be appreciated .

Lebanon is passing through very hard times , Yes , but we are known for our big hearts & our solidarity.

For donations, please contact Banin Charity Association on this number +96176500084
In order to receive the donations in the most appropriate way, you can donate through the following means:
1. Donate from home: We can send a delegate to your place of residence.
2. Donation transfer via Western Union: a name assigned by Banin will be given to you to transfer the amount, once the transaction is done, you can send the link thru WhatsApp to facilitate the receipt of donations.
3. You can also transfer through the bank on the following accounts:
▪️ Bank :AUDI
▪️ Address: Beirut - Lebanon
▪️ Swift: AUDBLBBX
▪️ IBAN: LB81005600000000010835310001 USD 
▪️ Account: Banin Charity Association
Donate Online: