Our Story

Banin Story
It all began during the July War in 2006.

Mohamad Mukhtar Beydoun and Rabih El Sheikh were employees at local banks. With the suffering all around them, the pair took the decision to take an open vacation from banking and to dedicate their time to helping refugees in Beirut to secure shelter, food, medicine, clothes and supplies to cover all their needs.

They accessed to public and private schools, empty buildings and Sanayieh Park where they sheltered refugees and provided with everything they needed to meet their needs. Day and night Mohamed managed Sanayieh Park and Rabih managed Shakieb Arsilan Mix Public High School in Verdun.

After the war ended they felt blessed and realized how important it was to give back to society and to help people in need.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a poverty-free Lebanon, where everyone has access to comprehensive and inclusive services that promote dignity and empowerment. Through collaboration with partners, we aim to create an equitable and just society, where all individuals can thrive. 

Our Mission

At Banin, our mission is to empower individuals and communities in Lebanon to break the cycle of poverty by providing comprehensive and inclusive services that promote dignity, resilience, and self-sufficiency. We are committed to delivering accessible healthcare, education, livelihood opportunities, and emergency relief, with a focus on impact and sustainability. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to address systemic issues, promote social justice, and create a brighter future for all. At Banin, we believe that every individual has the potential to thrive, and we are dedicated to making that a reality through our actions and impact.

Our Values

  • 1. Empowerment: We empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential and break the cycle of poverty.

    1. Inclusivity: We provide accessible, equitable, and respectful services

      that promote inclusivity and equality for all.

    2. Impact: We deliver measurable, effective, and sustainable services

      that create meaningful change.

    3. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethics, transparency,

      and accountability in all our operations and interactions.

    4. Compassion: We approach our work with empathy, kindness, and understanding, recognizing the inherent value and dignity of all


    5. Collaboration: We work collaboratively with partners and stakeholders

      to achieve common goals and leverage collective expertise and


    6. Innovation: We embrace creativity, curiosity, and continuous learning

      to find new and better ways to address poverty and promote social


    7. Motherhood: We provide nurturing, care, and support to individuals

      and communities, creating a safe and supportive environment for them to thrive.


Our Goals

Since 2013, Banin Association has worked to sustainably impact the lives of many Lebanese citizens, regardless of their sectarian or political affiliation. We aim to help those in need to cope with the often harsh conditions of life in Lebanon and to respond to emerging crises.

Our approach allows us to focus on long-term issues and goals while giving us the freedom to respond to unforeseen problems within the country. Our eight years of experience in working with the needy has taught us the importance of research, networking and collaboration with a wide range of partners. By continuously seeking feedback, rigorous monitoring and evaluation, Banin Association is able to revisit past performance, assess our current strengths and improve our planning process. Below is a list of our goals:

  1. Creating frameworks for cooperation and cultural and social communication
  2. Activate social and charitable services through aid, scholarships, and empowerment programs
  3. Providing health assistance, medicine and treatment
  4. Organizing sports activities for children, orphans and disabled people
  5. Interacting and communicating with Lebanese, Arab and international charity associations, bodies and assemblies;
  6. Formulating social activities, exhibitions, seminars and lectures to enhance cultural and charitable activities
  7. Participation and involvement in the establishment and management of similar associations
  8. Establishing homes to take care of, shelter and educate orphans and people with special social needs
  9. Establishment of nursing homes and elderly day clubs
  10.  Establishing schools for students with special needs
  11. Forming schools and institutes
  12. Launching organizations whose profits go to charitable associations
  13. Start organizations to protect women’s rights


Banin has a General Assembly (GA) of more than 20 members entrusted with shaping its strategic direction and policies.

The GA elects five members every five years to serve on the Board of Directors (BoD), which in turn directs Banin's overall performance.

GA members support Banin by assisting on a BoD committee to enrich outreach and impact. We have gathered a team of committed professionals that represent excellence and integrity in their field and who are driven by a passion to feed the world.


Jad Rachid Beydoun

Jad Rachid Beydoun

Executive Manager

Our Team

The Banin Charity Association is composed of both executives in leadership positions and team-players distributed across our five local branches. 

Our Donors

Banin Association could not do what we do without the dedicated support of our donors. We are proud to have the support of a large number of supporters, donors, Honorary Members,  institutions ,representatives of the private sector and most recently we have also partnered up with McDonalds as one of our major CSR Partners . 

Through their help, our supporters ,CSR Partners and donors and have changed the lives of countless people living in Lebanon.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported our work. We could not do this without you and we value your continued help and support.

Thank you.

Our Partners


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Total Donations by Program

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Distribution of Families by Regions

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Evolution of Families and Donations

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Evolution of Revenues

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